Castings For Vertical Engine

Castings for single cylinder, vertical steam engine.  Has eccentrics, rods etc for Stephenson’s valve gear which means it can be reversed.  Casting set missing a cylinder end cover, ‘D’ valve casting and flywheel.  These parts can be fabricated.


Some machining has been done and on the whole seems to be well executed.


However, the end cover seems to have been incorrectly drilled and will require some remedial work.



Main parts cast iron, eccentrics and valve carrier gunmetal.

What you see in the photograph is what you get.  No drawings, but I believe it is the Stuart Turner No. 1 and the drawings are available as will be the missing castings.

Main dimensions:

Weight: 3684 grams

Bore: 2” (50.8mm), Stroke: 2.75” (69.8mm)

Base: 6.5” (165.1mm) by 3” (76.2mm), Overall height 12” (304.8mm)

Price £100.00 plus postage