Warning, hazardous to health!

So screamed the label on a packet of Cadmium Free, Easy-Flo 55 Silver Solder Wire purchased from a Model Engineering Supplier.

Quite rightly it went on to warn of other dire health hazards and ‘thou shalt not’.  And there was me thinking the new stuff was safer!

Well it had the desired effect as I decided to look up on the internet the COSHH information.  On the Johnson Matthey website were several .pdf which explained all about the product, its uses and the sensible precautions to take when using it.

In fact the sheets put my mind at rest about the performance of the product too.  All these earlier scares on ME Forums about the solder not flowing and people rushing to buy up exisitng stocks of Cadmium containing products had persuaded me to defer as long as possible switching to the Cadmium Free.

So that afternoon I used the product to silver solder a copper pipe to a brass nipple.  An absolute joy to use.