S. O. D. I. T.

Sundry Observed Disasters In Technology

From time to time we all have those little disasters which seem to defy logic and are euphemistically described as obeying Sod’s Law.  Here are just some of them.

  • Have you noticed how large scale model engineers go to great lengths to provide a   mirror finish to their paint and bright work, yet in the smaller gauges modellers go to great lengths to add dirt and general wear and tear to theirs?
  • They say perpetual motion can’t be achieved.  No?  Well drop an 8 ba nut or smaller on your workshop floor and watch that baby run!  Damn near perpetual motion to me.
  • Why do etymologists’ go to great lengths with special nets and traps to capture new species when in my experience all they need to do is paint their model in the open and within seconds all manner of winged creatures have committed suicide in the paint?  Usually the largest or heaviest bug waits until you think the finish has ’tacked off’ before they plough into it with great aplomb.