That ‘Eureka!’ moment……

Have you ever needed to reproduce a specific logo, name or writing on the model you are scratch building or restoring?  Up until recently the only way I knew of was to either find a supplier who had the ones you required or to hand paint or draw them directly onto the model.  A case in point was the restoration of the Louis Marx Southern Pacific Crummy.

Recently I was looking at reproducing a Plimsoll Line for the steam yacht I was restoring and when ‘GOOGLING’ for water slide transfers I came across the Crafty Computer Paper of Leicester.  They advertise various papers for printing your own decals and so I purchased their Inkjet Water-Slide Decal Paper. Provided you follow their very clear instructions (which includes a YouTube video) then you can’t go wrong.  Prompt service too.

The clear Acrylic Varnish that I used is the Humbrol Crystal Clear (AD7550) spray.  Two coats and it works a treat.  Hope this is of use to others.