The Final Chapter!

One of the delights of my restoration work is opening my ‘inbox’ and reading an unexpected update from a previous client.  Just such a thing happened the other Friday;

“Dear Jeremy,

I expect you’ll recall about two years ago restoring the galleon which was made by my grandfather.

Once it arrived back in Chobham it was kept safely in its box, having first been admired. At the time we were embarking on a kitchen extension which became a protracted project, dogged with difficulties and plagued by problems. Part of the scheme was to block the old exit to a first floor balcony (which was enclosed to become the extension) and my husband designed a feature for the old door space which we hoped would do justice to the galleon. The attached photo shows you its final resting place, which I hope you will feel displays your work well. We had considered covering it with a glass dome but decided it should be seen in its natural glory. Needless to say it’s my job to do the dusting!

I thought you’d like to see where it ended up and hope that you approve.

With best wishes and thanks once more,  Sheila Catchpole.”
Santa Maria




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