Why are modellers anonymous? (2)

In June 2012 I questioned why modellers chose to remain uncredited for their painstaking work unlike artists who invariably sign theirs.

An article appeared in the 12th July issue of The (Dundee) Courier magazine about the recent sale of a model of the ‘Charlotte Dundas’ by the Australian auctioneer, Leonard Joel Auctions of South Yarra.  Apart from the staggering price what struck me was how well documented the provenance of the model was.  Not only were the builders named, but the source of the material was identified too.  For me this made a refreshing change that for once the builders gain recognition for their work.

Without this documentation I wonder what it would have fetched.  The usual £50 to £100 as a dusty relic no longer loved?

To read more about it follow these links to the Auctioneers website:

Leonard Joel Auctions of South Yarra