GoPro Hero Frozen

5" Britannia on the SMET track

5″ Britannia on the SMET track

2" scale Fowler at Dundee Transport Museum

2″ scale Fowler at Dundee Transport Museum

Purchased last year, I have found this the most fantastic camera for taking very good quality video.  I have fixed it to my various live steam models (5″ gauge steam locomotive and 2″ scale traction engine) for footplate views.


Not the steadiest of platforms when moving which makes the results even more incredible, such steady films for posterity.

The other evening I hit a technical glitch when transferring the files from the camera to my computer.  Mid transfer the GoPro froze, the computer flashed up the message ‘USB device not recognised’.  Disconnecting the GoPro it refused to turn off or do anything, the two arrows indicating file transfer remained frozen in the window. On this model access to the battery did not seem possible and removing the SIM card and then replacing it did nothing either.

The GoPro website did not provide any solution either.  Consternation, choice language and depression.  Have I lost my latest clips??  As it was still under the guarantee I got the receipt out ready to take to the shop for exchange.

As I could not turn the darned thing off it remained on overnight.  When I checked it in the morning the battery had discharged and the screen was now blank (obviously!).  I decided to reconnect to the computer and see what happened.  Yeah! It sprung into life and completed the downloads.

The reason for posting this?  It may help someone else if they have the same issue or similar.  Let the battery discharge and then see if on recharging it reboots itself.

A wonderful camera.