The Italian Connection – A Sequel

Into my inbox popped this email……..

Dear Jeremy,

My Father was a member of the ‘Leme’ crew that was sent to Ft Missoula for internment.

I just saw some of your wonderful restorations and saw the one from Marina about her Grandfather Captain Polonio.

My sister and I will be visiting Ft Missoula for the first time in two weeks.  I was wondering if u could contact Marina for me and ask her to contact me?  I’d like to share some of my photos with her.

And any that we take at the museum.

My G’ father was Milano Stephano Sirotich from Istria which is now Croatian.  He worked on the ships from the age of 14 and was a waiter on the ship.

I live in LA., CA, USA.

I am pleased to report that Marina did make contact.  How wonderful that the restoration of these amazing models helped make a connection across the Atlantic.  The power of t’internet.