Copper Water Tube Boiler

A boiler of unknown origin, constructed from copper which has been either silver soldered or brazed.  The construction looks neat, tidy & sound.  It has been hydraulically tested to 125 psi, but this does not constitute a boiler certificate!


Length 9.25″ by 4″ diameter.  I cannot tell the thickness of the barrel or end plates.

Flue tube 2.14″ diameter by 0.065″ thick.  This is of a corrugated construction, see photograph.  Looking at the smokebox end, it looks to have been flanged over the flue tube for added strength.

Has at least 6 cross tubes of 9/16″ outside diameter.

Backhead has three bushes for fittings, there is a safety valve bush on the boiler top & the dome has two bushes.  These are variously 1/4 x 40 & 5/32″ by 40.

The dome is 1 1/16″ diameter.

Boiler capacity is 1.5 litres.









Please note that none of the blanking plugs are included in the sale.



Price £75.00 plus Postage.  Post only in the United Kingdom, service 48 hour via Parcel Force.