A ‘Dogger’ Fishing Boat….

In early 2021 during the first CoVid lockdown, this unique model entered the workshop.

Research revealed that it was most likely a model of a ‘Dogger’ type fishing boat.

The sails were beyond redemption.  Apart from their natural decay in sunlight, the builder had used steel rod & wire to brace the sails in an attempt to make them look more ‘alive’ rather than hanging limply.  Unfortunately this had led to rusting & further rotting of the material.

A coarse weave material was used to replace the sails.  The colour was slightly more challenging as red sails are very much a characteristic of this type of vessel.  Wikipedia quotes ‘whose distinctive red sails were coated with local red ochre for protection.’  The search was on for a suitable dye!

The dye finally chosen was Mars Red Textile Colour manufactured by Jacquard purchased from Rainbow Silks.

Restoration could begin!

One totally unexpected discovery was made on the main mast when I discovered a very tarnished brass collar stamped with the words ‘From The Teak of HMS Iron Duke’.  Hmm, interesting.



Googling this turned up a big surprise!  It was an incomplete tag which when the full inscription was read gave the model an interesting origin.  Did Admiral Jellicoe pace the piece of Teak the model was from?  we will never know.  There are hundreds of items made from this material, but as far as I can see, no other fishing boat model.


One nice feature of the model is the carved wave effect on the base teak.  I have not seen this before & here it has been executed very well.








Here is the model completed and enjoying the sunshine.  I must say that I did enjoy working on this model due to its uniqeness & interesting background.

Finally, last word from the owner:

‘And I meant to add at the time how wonderful the restoration of the Dogger is.  Since your visit I have had the time to examine it at leisure.  You’ve both done a wonderful job.  The sails, for example, are exactly the right texture.’

Very best,