AeroKits Fireboat Completed

After a good many weeks the model was finally finished.
















This was a great project for the start of the Lockdown as it took my mind off all the doom & gloom in the press & on the various media channels!

Packing up to return the model took a wee while as the vulnerable bits had to be protected.  When it went into the box it looked like a giant silk worm that had spun its cocoon!

ParcelForce did their usual wonderful job & delivered it safely to London.  Collected 16:45 Monday, delivered at 09:30 Tuesday.  Well done everyone, a great job in difficult times.  Final word to the owner:

Hi Jeremy, 

All has arrived in one piece.  It looks fantastic….thank you so much.  The detail is great…having never seen it in decent condition, I’m so pleased I sent it to you.  Took me ages to unpack – must have taken you forever to wrap safely!

Thanks again Jeremy.  

Take care.