Here was a magnificent model, quite the finest I had been asked to restore.  The detail that had gone into her construction was exquisite.  Full internal detail.  The model looked to be well over 50 years old (based on the Bassett Lowke motor fitted), but had never sailed.

The new owner asked me to restore her to former glory whilst at the same time fitting it with radio control so he could sail it with his grandson.  The challenge was how to fit it all without losing the fine interior detail.  Luckily, modern electronics came to the rescue, being so neat.  A plan was worked out and the following photos show what was achieved.

First up was to restore the basic structure.












Then the electronics could be installed & hidden away.  The only item that could not be concealed was the servo for the rudder.  Luckily being in the stern it was not too obvious when the cabin structure was fitted.













To access all this equipment, the cabin had to be easily removed.  A separate stand was made to hold the cabin & the masts.  The rigging was set up such that it could be quickly disassembled from the hull.

The model was placed in the bath to check water tightness & stability.  She was as stable as she looked!  A minimum additional ballast at the stern to counter the battery in the bow.

The next step was to try her on the water!  It was a breezy day & this was going to test her stability in no uncertain way!





All that remained to be done was to hand her over to her owner.  Job done!