Every model has a story, but this restoration was different.  It was quite special in fact.

The story started when the elderly daughter of the original owner contacted me with this story.

The yacht was very tired.


Here we see the model stripped ready for restoration.  It was at this point Janet said she would like to make the new sails for the yacht.  I thought this was a splendid idea as it gave her some input into the restoration.  This is quite unusual.








The wonderful lines of the hull started to come to the fore as the restoration progressed.  Unusually the model had an iron keel with a lead weight at the bottom.  Luckily it had not rusted during the intervening years as this would have irrevocably split the hull.

And here we have Euphemia all resplendent with the new sails sown by Janet.

A very enjoyable project.

‘I can’t stop looking at Euphemia! She is beautiful and I keep noticing all the detailed work you have done. She has been meticulously spruced up.  Thank you so much.
My young neighbour, an architect, kept saying ‘ look at this ‘ as he saw things I hadn’t noticed!
You have clever hands and lots of patience!
Regards, Janet’