Milbro ‘Ailsa’ Pond Yacht

This rather nice model was sent into the boatyard for a tidy up, new sails & a bowsprit.  It was to be a restoration of a model prized by her husband from his youth & a surprise for him.

The hull was in excellent condition & merely required a good clean.

The stand however, rather dominated the model & detracted from her fine lines.

The stand was taken in hand & the supports were reshaped to follow the contours of the hull, making them more discrete.  A coat of paint in a light blue completed the task.









Final word to the owner:

‘What a fantastic job you have done. Thank you so much for all your efforts. It made my husband quite emotional seeing it all titivated and looking as new again as it reminded him of the numerous hours at the local yachting pool as a child.

Best wishes, Julie.’