Picture gallery ‘Santa Maria’

Port side detail.

Port side.

Dear Jeremy,

Christmas came early to Chobham today!   Avoiding chimneys, your contact telephoned Derrick when he was not far away and an assignation followed on a slip road leading off the M25 at Junction 11!

From the Stern.

Stern detail.

Circumstances did not allow a slow deliberate walk from both ends of a deserted bridge in tense silence for the handover, but nevertheless Derrick returned home with the box intact.

Bow, starboard side.

Bow, port side.

At almost the same moment I returned home, oblivious to the fact that Santa Maria had just returned to its home harbour.   Excitedly, and very carefully, we opened the box and packaging in line with your instructions, and finally reached the bounty.

Midships, port side.

We are so pleased with the work you have done in restoring her.   She looks even better than in the photos you forwarded.   We found a few possible resting places for her, but one was the outright winner and we think will do justice to my grandfather’s original work as well as your restoration.   Seeing the work now in all its glory we think we will consider a glass dome or aquarium to protect her, so long as that does not detract from its pristine appearance.

So, repeated thanks for your painstaking involvement in restoring, and improving, a family item which is now treasured even more than hitherto, and for packing it so carefully and entrusting to such a very competent courier!

With our gratitude and best wishes,   Sheila.

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