Restoring Live Steam

Click on these links to read about completed projects or work in progress that involve live steam engines or boilers.  Size wise I am happy to deal with models up to 5″ gauge / 3″ scale.

Please note that although I can undertake work on a boiler and prepare it for the hydraulic and steam tests I cannot issue a valid Certificate.  To obtain a valid certificate you would need to join either my or your local Model Engineering Club.

A rather tired ‘Juliet’ shines again

Back from the brink, a Wilseco D455 steams again

Finishing Martin Evans’ ‘O’ gauge live steam ‘Royal Scot’

Thames Launch ‘Miranda’ steam plant for Ray

Restoration of an ‘O’ gauge live steam, LBSC designed ‘BAT’

Putting life back into a boiler manufactured by ‘Doll et Cie’ of Nüremburg, Germany

Breathing Life Into ‘Firth Of Tay’

Sole & heeling a Fowler 2″ Scale ‘Lion’ by Plastow

Built in 1908 Henry Greenly’s ‘Undertype’