Restoring Ships

Click on these links to read about examples of completed projects or work in progress that involve model ships of all types.  Size wise I can deal with models up to 6′ or 2 metres in length.

Please note that when returning these models I use ParcelForce Express 24 service.  Over the years I have found them the most reliable and in the event of there being a problem they have resolved the issue promptly.

Come on ‘Eileen’ – The story of an 80 year old yacht

A Frigate Constructed in the 1950’s – A wedding present brought back to life.

Beware Woodworm! – a cautionary tale for the unwary.

Ready to rejoin the fleet – resurrecting the Frigate ‘George’.

A Milbro ‘Ailsa’ pond yacht – a rather nice commercial model back to full health.

A ‘Dogger’ Fishing Boat – a model with a rather unique provenance

An Iraqi Dhow – A display model with sentimental attachment for the owner.

Tri-ang C24 pond yacht – a rather nice commercial model back on the water.

‘Revenge’, ‘Golden Hind’ & Unknown – Another perfect Lockdown 2 project!

AeroKits Crash Tender – The perfect Lockdown project (completed project)

The Mathew? – A model from the 1950’s

Euphemia – a yacht with a past

Dolphin the restoration of a wonderful model

The Italian Connection the story of two yachts constructed by Italian Merchant Seamen

You Have One New E-Mail the story of the reincarnation of ‘Ellise’

Once again ‘Joanne Of Kyle’ can be admired by her owner

Steam Yacht ‘Elizabeth Morag’ Ex ‘Garland’

From the years of grime & neglect emerged a fine Elizabethan Galleon and a mystery….

‘I saw three ships come sailing in’

Once more Mrs. Catchpole can admire her Grandfather’s ‘Santa Maria’

Donated to an admirer of old galleon models the ‘Pinta’ is rescued for posterity

Producing a flag set for the ‘Santa Maria’