A Frigate Constructed In The 1950’s

‘The ship was made as a wedding present for my mum in 1953 by a family friend. I remember it being on display as I was growing up and I spent hours imagining I was on the deck, sailing after pirates. I don’t know if it is a real ship – I always called it The Golden Hinde being a big fan of the TV series with Terence Morgan. 

Sadly my mum and dad are both gone now so I can’t ask them. I’d be thrilled to know its real name.

I hope it isn’t beyond repair as it means a lot to me and I know Mum loved it. I know it’s in safe hands with you.’

This wonderful model arrived shortly afterwards, clearly in need of lots of tlc.

Handmade from wood, approximiately the size of an ‘Airfix’ kit such as the ‘Royal Sovereign’, but with much more complete rigging.

Using magnifying glasses to be able to see the delicate rigging, work on the model was limited to two hours at a time before I went swivel eyed!

However, the result was quite satisfying: (click to enlarge the images)

Another ship was ready to rejoint the fleet!

Unfortunately, the modeller did not note their details anywhere on the model and so yet another skilled worker remains anonomous. Such a shame.

Another mystery still to be resolved is what ship is she? Any ideas please email me.

“The ship is safely unpacked and is fine, no damage sustained on voyage at all. It looks so lovely, just as I remember it looking when I was little. You have done an amazing job and I can’t thank you enough. 

I’m already sailing the high seas again in my imagination! I’m so happy with it and I know my mum (an engineer) would be too! 

It will be kept in a glass cabinet now to avoid any dust and to keep it safe, and I’m very happy to see it returned to its former glory.”