Restoring Toy Trains

Click on these links to read about completed projects or work in progress that involve American model trains.

American manufacturers products are misunderstood in the UK mainly because the pre-1970’s trains had clever devices for direction change, operating bells, horns and whistles.  Not forgetting the operating accessories which used devices such as the ‘vibra motor’ to animate them.

A curious fault prevented the running of this 1950’s  Columbia 1130 set

Putting a nearly mint condition Louis Marx 4313 train set into running order

Followed by the Marx set 4313 car restoration

From the brink of extinction an American Flyer, standard gauge ‘Flying Colonel’ 4341 set

Restoration of American Flyer Club Car 4340, Pullman 4341 and Observation 4343

Three Lionel 259E’s sparkle once again