Tri-ang C24 Yacht

This rather nice commercially built yacht arrived from Liverpool for some TLC.  The daughter of the original owner was keen to see it restored & if possible suitable for sailing occasionally.

The basic hull was in fair condition, but the sails had seen better days.






At least most of the original logo had survived.



After a good clean up the metalwork looked in good condition.  The bow lacked any dents from having whacked a pond side hard & the deck paintwork apart from under the cabin structure was in very good condition.






The joint between the keel & the hull showed some surface rust, but really nothing to worry about.  A good clean with Emery & a coat of Craftmaster Anti Corrosive Grey Primer took care of that.





The hull was colour matched to ‘Drogo Yellow’ which was mixed in Johnstone’s Paints Gloss. The stand is in ‘Celestial Cloud’

I decided to leave the deck in original condition as it was a) in good condition & b) reflected the age of the model.

Here is the model all finished:













This final photograph shows the completed model safe & sound with the owner.

Job finished!