Unrestored picture gallery

Drunken rigging and masts

A delicate touch and a steady hand….


Fortunately the upperworks were complete and most of the rigging still extant.



Stern detail


The missing rudder, one anchor fluke and the cats head were all found inside the hull along with other useful bits.

This foresight by someone saved quite a lot of work.

Missing cannon and gun port lids

Stern view of ships boat

Interior showing working winch

No plans were available for an Elizabethan ships boat.  The nearest I could find was the National Maritime Museum’s model of the ‘Medway’  Although of a later period I liked the look of the model….


Ships boat with masts stored

Ships boat with masts fully rigged

The hull is a resin moulding whilst the interior, masts, rudder, winch, winch handle were all scratch built.

The ships boat sits quite well on the galleon in my view.

Ghost ship…..

Ghost ship….


I could not resist including these last three images.

The sun was shining through the window and the shadows on the wall was just too irresistibile.

Ghost galleon….