It’s nice to be appreciated

One of the benefits of having this website are the correspondence that one receives from time to time from people around the world who have stumbled across the site when doing searches.  It is nice to have ones efforts favourably commented upon and I felt that I would like to include extracts from some of them here:


I just thought I would let you know that I think the Elizabethan galleon and your restoration job you did on it are absolutely phenomenal!  I love it!  Since I was young and I saw my first image of the elizabeth jonas I have wanted to build it, but life has had a way of getting in the way. 

Had you ever been able to figure out who built that model in the first place?  or how old it was when you acquired it?  Interesting that it was never given a paint job in the typical multicolor zigzag pattern like the real ship has always been shown with in all the other images I have run across.  It’s good though because your model has some very interesting surface detail.  I hear tell that the reason they gave it such gaudy paint job was to make it resemble the merchant ships of the time and disguise its true firepower until it was too late for its hapless victims to do anything about it …element of surprise and all that rot…

Beautiful Job!


Tom Joslin, Shingletown, California, USA


Just a note to say how much I enjoyed your article, and admire your skill in restoring Bat so beautifully.  I’m a great admirer of LBSC for his progressive contribution to model engineering. He left a great legacy in his writing and drawings.

Kind regards,

Allan Wallace (South Australia)

Dear Mr. Bull,

Thank you for your email regarding the unique Galleon model you have for sale. Although we do have a large model ship collection, our focus for any future collecting will be on ships directly connected to Littlehampton and the local boatyards.

I was very impressed with the attached document, which demonstrates your passion for the topic.

I wish you the best of luck with your search for a good home for your model.

Kind regards,

Juliet Nye, Curator, Littlehampton Museum.

Thank you for taking the trouble to write to me, it is appreciated.