Yes! More S. O. D. I. T.

Sundry Observed Disasters In Technology

From time to time we all have those little disasters which seem to defy logic and are euphemistically described as obeying Sod’s Law.  Here are some more of them.

  • Expo Drill sets. A range of HSS drills ranging from 0.1mm to 2mm which are equally good at drilling rapidly through hard or soft materials such as flesh.
  • Dremel.  A very high speed instrument useful for drilling very small holes quickly and painlessly through your finger tips.
  • Elastoplasts. Supposedly useful for stopping the bleeding.  Have you successfully opened the packaging with your teeth whilst one hand drips in blood and with the other try to hold the wound closed?
  • Wife. Useful for opening Elastoplast packets whilst keeping you distracted from the pain by asking useful questions such as ‘But I don’t understand why you had your finger there in the first place?’