Self contained steam plant

Last week I happened upon my first stationary steam engine, a Stuart Turner mill engine, which I used to play with as a young boy.  It had sat in a box for at least five years and was in a rather sorry state.  So in a fit of conscience I decided to restore it and match it up with a vertical boiler I had built some years ago.

The result is a self contained mini steam plant which I can fire up whenever I suffer with ‘steam withdrawal symptoms’ which is usually in mid winter!  The vertical boiler is to a design by GLR of Daventry, Northampton and can be fired on either gas or coal.

The gas burner was designed by myself as a ring rather than using a ceramic type.  The result is a nice quiet burner without the harsh roar associated with the ceramic ones.  In the summer I swap the burner for a grate and run it on coal.

Completed Unit

The completed unit

Working Pressure 50 psi.

Restored Mill Engine

Restored Mill Engine

The Mill Engine has the number 76 stamped on various parts.

Lining is Trimline self adhesive coach line by Model Technics of Shoebury, Essex.